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If your objective is to spend less, while eating as much as you want, then you should make sure that you make your meal purchases from B55. B55 is a well renowned restaurant in Aruba whose main objective is to serve tasty dishes. The dishes you purchase are at B55 are affordable and authentic. When you go to restaurants, what you want is to be able to order those dishes that fulfill your inner most desires. Restaurants rewarded with remarkable service have always entertained more customers each day. B55 allows you to eat all the local and international dishes that you can think of.

Competition in the restaurant industry in Aruba is increasing every day. A few restaurants such as B55 have taken great efforts to stay at the top by putting their customers’ desires first. Is this a challenge expected from other restaurants as well? The idea behind fulfilling the desires of your customers isn’t just based on the foods you serve but also the services that you provide. B55 has worked hard to keep its foods prices reasonable as compared to what other restaurants are charging.

Additional Info

  • Address: Balashi 55
  • City: Balashi
  • Phone: 5852111
  • Cuisine: Aruban, International
  • Seating: Outdoor Dining
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
  • Opening Hours:

    Daily 10am - 10pm

  • Area: Savaneta
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